Yin & Tonic


Yin & Tonic represents the eternal fight between light and dark, good and evil, is the in and out, back and forth of the energy that surrounds us and is us. Some days we emit light other days we absorb.

But who says what is good? What is bad? It is the point of reference that explains these behaviors. Always subjective to perspective, good and bad is more difficult to define than one may think. We are constantly influx between the states of giving and receiving, moving and stillness, lightness and darkness and it is the balance between these states that create the most optimal light and the most rounded energy.

Yin & Tonic reminds us that everything is cyclical. We are all round. All the same. Life is not a journey to reach the end. There is no destination that you ought to arrive at; to finish in one straight line. It is a musical performance. Something you play each day, something you dance and sing to while zig zagging across, up, down and around emitting different levels of light. And it’s the moments of pure playfulness and joy that allow our spheres to radiate.

This is life. The end is irrelevant.


Photographer: David Sayeg
Art: Kimberli Burns

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Third series for the collaboration art project Harshtistas with artist Kimberli Burns. All works for sale, more info: davidsayeg@me.com