An ad is an ad. The attempt to sell you something. In the beginning, it was banal and blatant. What you see is what you get. And now, since the buyers have grown more bored and the sellers have become more creative, the “artsy ads” have emerged.

This is an attempt to entertain and persuade us simultaneously. Often times, we are fooled. The glitz and the glamour leave us longing for something that we don’t need but truly desire. Sometimes, we can see through the smoke and mirrors. But to one-up, consumerism, materialism and capitalism is a rare won battle.

Which type of advertisement do you prefer? The straight forward boring one or the sleight of hand, fancy Artvertisment?


Photographer: David Sayeg
Art: Kimberli Burns

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Fifth series for the collaboration art project Harshtistas with artist Kimberli Burns. All works for sale, more info: